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There is evidence to show that a Stratford motorcycle club existed more than 100 years ago. For example, the first meeting minutes of the current club refer to “the old club”. However, at present no information on the original club is available. If anyone has any knowledge of this please contact via email or write to the club secretary.

The club was formed on July 27, 1928 by a meeting of motorcyclists at the Old Red Lion, Bridge Street following a proposal by Mr.Coombes, seconded by Mr.Boughton. There were nineteen people present.

Officers appointed:

Chairman – H.Tossell.  Secretary – B.H.Southam.  

Captain – G.L.Boughton.  Vice Captain – S.B.Lamb.  

Members – D.Bolland, S.Duffill, T.S. Wiltcher

Treasurer – L.Cullwick.

President – E.R.Thompson (Mayor)  Vice Presidents – A.M.Bailey, D.Young.

The headquarters were to be at the Old Red Lion in Bridge Street and the annual subscription would be 5 shillings (25p).

The Club would become affiliated to the ACU.

In 1929 the club HQ moved to the Falstaff Inn, Birmingham Road.

To be continued......